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Get Wall Color For Living Room As Per Vastu Images

Get Wall Color For Living Room As Per Vastu Images. Here are the top suggestions for vastu paintings for the west wall, for south wall, for living room, bedroom and more. Vastu tells how to choose wall colours in accordance with planetary directions in order to reap rich outcome in the form of good health read out the colours to choose as per directions

Vaastu Dosha Remedies | Life Truths
Vaastu Dosha Remedies | Life Truths from
Vastu tips for your bathroom. The direction & placement of wall clocks. As far as possible, avoid using red.

What colours should you steer away from.

Choosing colors as per vastu shastra for exterior enhances love, harmony, health, and prosperity. Plus, you will welcome the idea of wall colours according to vastu is that you must choose something welcoming and so, it's now time to get started on making your home ready as per vastu shastra so that you can attract. Vastu colors for bedroom, kitchen, living room, study room, home inside the structure, you can paint the south wall of the living room red to create life force energy. Colour on walls has very importnat role to play in your life, specially at your workplace.

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